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By presenting your parcel(s) for shipment to FORRUN (PVT.) LTD. courier service, the shipper agrees to the terms and conditions specified herein and also agrees to FORRUN customary conditions of bearing which are integrated into the interaction by reference and which are checked up at any FORRUN office. No employee or agent of FORRUN has the legal right or the shipper to amend or change these terms and conditions.

The FORRUN Web Portal Consignment Note for Customers:

The consignment note-tag created by FORRUN at customer web portal is highly non-negotiable and the shipper admits that it has been organized by the shipper or by FORRUN in the interests of the shipper. The shipper permits that it is the parcels of owner transported hereunder or it is the lawful agent of the parcels’ owner and that it hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of FORRUN and as agent for and on behalf of any other individual having any concern in the shipment.

Shipper’s Commitments and Acceptance:

The shipper ensures each object in the shipment is appropriately defined on the FORRUN Consignment note-tag and the shipment particulars are complete and precise. The shipper also makes sure that the shipment has not been declared by FORRUN to be objectionable for shipping and that the consignment is accurately marked, addressed and packed well to ensure its safe transportation.

Right of Checkup of Shipment:

FORRUN has the full right, but is not responsible, for checking any package delivery including, without restriction, opening any shipment package. The shipper accepts that FORRUN may also open and check any parcel(s) delivery for any cause at any time.

Lien of Shipment Goods:

FORRUN shall have a complete lien to any shipment parcel(s) for entire freight charges, duties, or any other charges of any sort appearing out of the transpiration hereunder and may object to surrender possession of the parcel(s) until such charges are fully paid.

Restriction of Liability:

The liability of FORRUN for any case of loss or damage to the shipment (which terms shall comprise complete document(s) or parcel(s) shipped to FORRUN under the FORRUN (PVT.) LTD consignment note-tag) is imperfect to (Rs. /= only in case of complete shipment with place of origin and exact spot of destination within Pakistan) or less. The charges of loss or damage to a document(s) or parcel(s) essentially continued, or the definite value of the document(s) or parcel(s) as declared under section 6 hereof, without concern to its commercial value or distinct value to the shipper.

Definite Value:

The definite value of any shipment which terms shall comprise of any item(s) of non-commercial value which is transported hereunder shall be determined by reference to its price of its preparation or replacement, reconstruction, or its reconstitution value at the time and spot of parcel(s) delivery, whichever is less. The definite value of any shipment which terms shall comprise of any item(s) of non-commercial value which is transported hereunder, shall be determined by reference to its price of its preparation or replacement, issue or fair market value at the time and spot of parcel(s) delivery, whichever is less. In no occasion shall such worth exceed the actual cost of the parcel(s) paid by the shipper plus 10%.

Significant Damages Eliminate:

FORRUN shall not be responsible for any significant or unusual damages or other unintended loss. However, arising, whether or not FORRUN had information that such damages might be sustained, including but restricted to loss of income, profit, interest, use of contents or loss of market.

Liabilities Not Expected:

While FORRUN attempts to do its best to offer speedy delivery in accordance with consistent delivery plan, it will not, under any condition, be responsible for delay in pickup, transportation or delivery of any shipment. Further, FORRUN will not be responsible if any shipment is lost, damaged, or not delivered due to any situations beyond our control. These include, for instance, earthquakes, cyclones, thunderstorms, floods or war, plane crash or embargo or even caused by mishap with FORRUN.

The act, default or oversight of the shipper, or any other party who claims a concern in the shipment (including violation of any terms and conditions hereof) or any individual other than FORRUN or of any government representatives or of the postal service accelerated or other object or person to whom a shipment is offered by FORRUN or transportation to any place of location not frequently functioned by FORRUN anyway of whether the shipper stated or had information of such third-party delivery engagements. The type of the shipment for any flaw, distinctive, inherent vice thereof, even if identified to us when we acknowledged it Electrical or magnetic energy removal or other likely damages to electronic or photographic images or recording in any form.

Assertions / Claims:

Any claim or assertion must be brought by the shipper and conveyed in writing to the FORRUN head office or the nearest office of shippers which the shipment was acknowledged within 30 days of the date of such receiving. No assertion(s) may be made contrary to FORRUN outside if this time limit elapses, nor will any claims for loss or damage be considered until complete transportation charges have been fully paid. The amount of any claim(s) may not be deducted from any transportation charges payable to FORRUN.

FORRUN does not preserve record(s) related to a consignment for more than 45 days. It will therefore be unable to mention or to present any such record(s) where it is informed for the same after the time expiry of the said period of 45 days from the date of shipment.


These terms and conditions shall apply and assure to value, or FORRUN and its sanctioned and affiliated companies, and their officers, directors and employees.

Prohibited Material for Transportation:

FORRUN does not receive or transport any a shipment including Jewelry, Bullion, Antiques, Liquor, Stamps, Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Work of Art, Firearms, Plants, Drugs, Explosives, Animals, Perishable, Negotiable Instruments in bearer Form, Lewd, Obscene or Pornographic Materials, Industrial Carbons and Diamonds, items, objects restricted by IATA (International Air Transport Association) or ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), dangerous or flammable material, property of carriage of which is highly prohibited by law, regulation or act of any Provincial or Federal Government of Pakistan.