Cash on Delivery

Quick & Convenient COD Service for Local Businesses

FORRUN PVT LTD. is energetically providing steadfast COD (Cash on Delivery) services to its valued customers. The packages are collected on-demand basis and delivered to the customers after a payment has been submitted by the customers. Same city & inter-city COD is offered to registered business. We guarantee the safetya nd quick delivery of your parcels.

On Demand

FORRUN is also dedicated to serving its customer base by providing On Demand Services (Pick up to delivery). Our representative will take your order on demand, will arrive at your provided address and serve you with your required services accordingly and will charge a reasonable amount for serving you which will be collected while picking/delivering the product to you at the same moment.

Same Day

FORRUN is a highly reliable courier company that provides the service of Same Day COD delivery within the same city. You can send your packages to any desired destination in the same city. Same Day COD Rates will be charged as per account/standard and on delivery demand. Pickup will be done Next Day

Overnight COD

FORRUN is a courier company that is devoted to Overnight COD delivery within the same city/intercity. All deliveries are completed within 24 to 48 hours depending on the same & inter-city basis.

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